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Hi there! I'm Michael Need, a devout Christian, family guy and software engineer from Indy, IN, USA! I have been blessed with a beautiful wife and 2 amazing boys, and I hope to honor that in every positive attitude and every interaction. I walk with God and trust in my Lord, Jesus Christ to light my way!

I write software in several languages and enjoy creating something where there was nothing, from the ground up. I also find joy in tutoring job seekers, new talent and those who are trying to transition into technology (CS students, ex-military etc). I believe we must place a renewed priority on our innovators and contributors. I am always humbly encouraged working with people to properly steward the opportunities I have been given. I am edified by the successes I can help others to share in as they learn to use their minds and hands to build a quality secular life for themselves.

God encourages us to enjoy the work of our hands. I believe I have been blessed to have done this for over 25 years and hope to help others enjoy the same benefits. While I do this free of charge, I am not always available. But... I WILL help you get hired!

I have over 25 years of experience creating enterprise software, commercial apps and corporate websites/portals. I am versed in different languages/frameworks such as C# and VB.NET, Xamarin, Angular, Javascript, Node, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML and CSS (LESS or SASS) with some of my recent, favorite projects involving stock trading and fintech solutions. My preferred languages are C# and Javascript with a focus on OOP and SOLID principles. While I certainly love technology, I am just as enthusiastic about giving back. I am a "people-person". My technical acumen and soft skills allow me to uniquely contribute to an organization's big picture technology successes! The personal satisfaction of coaching and encouraging individual development continues to keep me well grounded. Likewise I am continually humbled and inspired when I see potential groomed to prosperity.

In a leadership role I always take care of my teams like family while exceeding the business' needs in the most visionary way possible. While I prefer Agile over Waterfall or worse, a lack of process, I always prefer to use the methodology loosely enough so that it fits the team and helps facilitate a momentum the company can truly measure. Predictability and continuous improvement provide stability in an Agile environment. Furthermore, I like to let people be who they are! Perhaps we should all be allowed to become MORE than we currently are!

More than anything else, I love God and my family. I believe God is above us, above our ways and still has revealed Himself to us in a triune nature. God is my best friend and has been there for me through it all, and my life had it's share of ups and downs. I am saved, reborn and make every endeavor to turn aside from a life without God. I speak with Him daily in prayer and these quiet times beat out and frankly prevail over any hobby I could try to dig up.

I am married and have 2 teenage boys (young men) and this gift has been the biggest joy of my earthly life. Brandee, Brodey, Caeden and I enjoy spending time together, just being present. We enjoy traveling around the USA and love animals.

One of my secret hobbies: I pray for God to show me paths to which I work for Him. I agree to work in the "Great Commission". But I don't always know where to go. Recently God has offered me the opportunity to brighten some folks' lives. And it can seem like you're praying for work, even persecution at times... but the payoff is worth more than money or personal accomplishments, by leaps and bounds.


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